Physical Education, Athletics, Sports…and Peace

By Guest Blogger Andrew J. Robinson Peace education is often taught through language arts, social studies, and character education classes. Guidance counselors, social workers and librarians share resources and offer classes to help young people learn friendship, kindness and conflict resolution skills. But through athletics and physical fitness programs children also learn successful team building […]

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Congratulations PSC Maryland History Day Award Winners!

                The 2014 winners for the Peace Study Center Prize at the  Maryland History Day Contest have been announced.  Congratulations to Sean Kim, Selena Willett, Nick Girard from Calvert High School for their documentary, Conscientious Objectors During the Vietnam War. And to Nora Bay, Arshiya Dutta, Manasi Yedavalli from Eastern […]

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I'm a Peacemaker

Peace Posters Are Here!

We are very excited to announce our new series of Peace Posters! Our Peaceful Home Set and  the Peaceful Classroom Set each contain 8 posters that will help foster conversations and reflections on how to be a peacemaker, how to be kind to animals, the earth, and each other, and how to resolve differences peacefully.  […]

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