Curriculum Resources

Brody, Ed, Jay Goldspinner and Katie Green.  Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope. Stories, Storytelling and Activities for Peace, Justice and the Environment. New Society Publishers, 2002.

This second edition provides 29 stories from around the world with themes of conflict resolution, compassion and care of the earth and its creatures.  Each story is followed by activities, exercises, tips and related resources. Available in new and used copies.

Cowhey, Mary. Black Ants and Buddhists.  Stenhouse, 2006.

This practical yet powerful narrative provides readers with a peek into the diverse first grade classroom of Ms. Cowhey. Her commitment to social justice and meeting the many learning styles of her students will inspire educators to share this book with others and implement some of her methods. Available in new paperback edition. Buy two because you will give your copy away!

Weber, Chris.  Nurturing the Peacemakers in Our Students: A Guide to Writing and Speaking Out about Issues of War and of Peace.Heinemann, 2006.

Educator and writer, Weber offers middle and high school teachers some fresh ideas to inspire and nurture the peacemakers among their students by showing them how adolescents have experienced war. Be sure to look at the list of resources for involving youth in peacemaking around the world. Available in new and used hardback copies.

Hewitt, Deborah and Sandra Heidemann.   The Optimistic Classroom: Creative Ways to Give Children Hope.  Redleaf, 1998.

These educators draw upon research on resiliency and share ten strengths to allow children to cope with stress: self-esteem, competence, feelings, empathy, perseverance, responsibility, cause and effect, reframing, problem solving, optimism and hope.  This book includes over 70 easy and practical ideas for educators of young children. Available in new and used copies.

Lantieri, Linda and Janet Patti.  Waging Peace in our Schools.  Beacon Press, 1996.

These two educational activists have worked with the Resolving Conflict Creatively Program and share their approach to mediation in this book along with some background on the RCC Program.  They emphasize the belief that we must educate the heart as well as the mind.  Available in new and used copies.

Rice, Judith.  The Kindness Curriculum.  Redleaf Press, 1995.

This title is a collection of lesson plans for young children on themes of love, empathy, gentleness, respect, visualization, self-control, friendship, conflict resolution. The authors taught in the Early Childhood Education Program of St. Paul, MN for ten years. Available in new and used copies.

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