Breslin, Jane. Paths to Peace: People Who Changed the World.  Dutton, 2006.This beautifully designed collective biography highlights 16 individuals who have worked to improve conditions for others through their life choices.  Read about writers, philosophers, Civil Rights advocates, and politicians such as John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Eleanor Roosevelt, Cesar Chavez, and Elie Wiesel along with lesser known names. This book could be read aloud to audiences from ages 8 to 88! It could be used for research with students in grades 4 and up. Available in new and used hardback copies.

Demi. Gandhi.  Margaret McElderry, 2001.

This picture book portrait of Gandhi features gold borders and accents, splashes of brilliant color and intricate details reminiscent of Demi’s other books. “With their fine balance of simplicity and elegance, the paintings gracefully reflect their subject.” Demi includes all of the major events in the life of the peacemaker, including his early shyness and struggles in school. For ages 6 and up. Available in new and used hardback editions. Be sure to look at other children’s biographies by Demi, with subjects such as Dalai Lama, Muhammad, Jesus and Mother Teresa.

Gilley, Jeremy.  Peace One Day.  Putnam, 2005.

This richly illustrated book tells the true story of a young British filmmaker’s quest to create an International Day of Peace. He approached the United Nations to ask for Sept. 21 as one day when all nations would resist violence. After two years of struggle and documentation of his travels, Gilley succeeded in having Peace One Day proclaimed by the UN.  See his DVD for more information. Try this book with middle school youth or as a book club selection. Available in new and used hardback copies.

Shetterly, Robert. Americans Who Tell the Truth. Dutton. 2005.

This famed illustrator introduces 50 Americans who dedicated and even risked their lives to tell their truth. The portraits of each person add a powerful visual element to the short biographies and quotes. Examples of persons included in this book are Dwight D. Eisenhower, Walt Whitman, Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, Chief Joseph, Martin Luther King, Jr., Henry Thoreau, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mark Twain, Helen Keller, John Muir, Woody Guthrie, Rachel Carson, and Rosa Parks. The exhibit of his work has been traveling around America for a number of years and not without controversy! Available in new and used hardcover copies.

Simon, Charnon.  Jane Addams: Pioneer Social Worker.  Children’s Press, 1998.

This paperback edition is for elementary grade readers. It includes a basic overview of the important events in the life of Addams with plenty of photos and illustrations.  Available new and used in the paperback edition.

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